Saturday, 24 June 2017

Dental Works which are Irreversible

It must be good to see that permanent dental solutions are available now. Nevertheless, a thought about these permanent solutions to be irreversible could be daunting for a lot of people. It becomes riskier when treatment is more about cosmetic purposes rather than restoring functionality. So, good research before going for the permanent dental works is really important. Moreover, you will also need to make sure that the dentist you are going to visit is a professional one with a lot of experience in hand regarding permanent dental works.

With that said, we are going to mention some reversible and irreversible dental works.

Reversible dental works

Tooth Extraction: Tooth extraction gives the patient and dentist a short time window in which the tooth can be placed back in a way it was never removed. The tissues will be reconnected and things will be back to normal. However, there must be a good reason that you would decide to get your tooth removed.

Bonding: To repair the chipped teeth, bonding is done. However, the repaired area may become discolored over time. So, you can get the bonding replaced easily with the help of a drilling process. This drilling process might remove the tooth enamel in the tinier area, but it can be avoided with the help of proper magnification during the process.

Irreversible dental works

The irreversible dental works are meant to last lifetime long; this is why they are irreversible. Nevertheless, accident can happen and those accidents can damage the dental work. For this reason, there are some additional dental options that can modify the dental works.

Crowns: The reason crowns are irreplaceable is that a sufficient part of tooth structure needs to be modified in order to place a crown or cap on it. Hence, when patient get a dent due to any impact on the crown, the dentist usually prefers to smoothen the area rather than replacing the crown.

Implants: There is nothing more permanent among any other dental work than an implantation of tooth. An implant is basically a titanium rod which is fused in the jawbone. Hence, it can act like a tooth that can be even stronger as compared to the other teeth. Although, the instances of implant removal are very rare, there can be serious situations when an implant needs removal. Old technique of removing implants involved cutting of jawbone, now there are devices which are specifically made to remove an implant.

Veneers: The reason veneers are permanent is that these need to be placed only after modification of tooth surface for veneer adjustment. So, removal of veneer is virtually impossible because the modified tooth will not look aesthetically good. Hence, whenever a problem arises in the veneer, veneer replacement is the only solution that can be considered.

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